The Most Comprehensive Real Estate Solution


Use your mobile to take photos, gather all property information and post them on your website with one click. Create & manage requests, and export or directly send unit brochures with prewritten emails in one click.


Keep track of your leads, create, and send proposals on the move with automatically triggered follow up emails based on your client interaction; and built-in reminders, proactive alerts, and a quick overview of your daily tasks. 

Property Managers

Send announcements and create polls to get stakeholder feedback on new ideas.


Record your transactions and Beenaya will organize and automatically manage your books and ledgers, presenting you with live financial data, anytime anywhere from your PC, Tablet or Mobile. Distribute the costs of generator among subscribers, send automatic invoices, and keep track of buildings’ maintenance schedules and costs with built-in reminders, proactive alerts, and a quick overview of required tasks.


Keep track of your prospects, create and send proposals in minutes, and send follow-up emails automatically. Create a website without any coding and promote it on google and social platforms.  


Allow clients to access their payment schedules, pay, submit relevant information and papers, and request changes to their units. Accounting solution with built-in HR administration and payroll to keep track of all your expenses and revenues.